Property Value Compromises

Posted by Laura Phillips // August 5, 2018

Top Property Value Compromises There are several compromises that affect the property value of your home. Many homeowners do not think about these compromises when they are choosing their home. Most of the time homeowners are acting on emotions and how they will feel in the home. It is easy to neglect the important aspect […]

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Home Remodel

Posted by Laura Phillips // November 27, 2017

Home Remodel Have you lived in your home for five years or more? Is the space starting to feel a bit blah? Maybe it’s time for a remodel, even a simple one! You are not alone if you’re beginning to feel this way about your home. Initially you may have fallen in love with the […]

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Preparation to Buying a Home

Posted by Laura Phillips // September 19, 2017

So, you want to buy a home!? Preparation is a necessary step in the home buying process. I know many people have heard horror stories about the home buying process. If you listen to enough people you too will be scared to death of purchasing a home. In contrast, you have talked to those individuals […]

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Finding Prime Real Estate

Posted by Laura Phillips // July 20, 2017

Prime Real Estate It is an exciting time to consider the idea of purchasing a home in and around Los Angeles. Areas like Playa Vista are booming due to some of the largest companies in the U.S. having home offices there. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft all have headquarters in Playa Vista which makes it a […]

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Property Taxes Understood

Posted by Laura Phillips // June 28, 2017

SO YOU THINK YOU ARE READY TO BUY A HOME? Buying a home requires much homework on behalf of the buyer. Naive home buyers assume that the process only consists of getting a pre-qualification, finding a home that they love, and then closing the deal. Of course anyone who has ever purchased a home understands […]

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Your Home Wish List

Posted by Laura Phillips // May 27, 2017

So if you are anything like me than you realize that buying a home is kind of a big deal. Unlike the first car you ever bought purchasing a home is a decision that you don’t want to make out of emotion. Truth vs. Reality I know you are probably imagining yourself on one of […]

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Mortgage Lender Shopping

Posted by Laura Phillips // May 5, 2017

When  mortgage lender shopping it is vital to begin with a reputable bank in which you want to service your loan. There are thousands of banks that offer mortgage loans, but not every bank is the type of bank you will want to go into business with. Buying a home is a commitment that you […]

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Seller’s Market 2017

Posted by Laura Phillips // April 22, 2017

Understanding the current market If you are the type of individual who follows economic trends, you are already aware that we are currently in a seller’s market. The truth is we have been in a seller’s market for quite some time now. For the person who is not familiar with economic terms in the real […]

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What to know about Homeowners Association Fees

Posted by Laura Phillips // April 12, 2017

As if the mortgage isn’t enough, new homeowners are finding that their homeowners association fees, or HOA’s, are a costly nuisance. It is just an unfortunate reality that most communities have these fees outlined when a homeowner is looking to purchase within the community. KEEPING UP THE IMAGE Within gated or private communities homeowners associations […]

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Building Your Credit; One Step Closer To Home Ownership

Posted by Laura Phillips // March 4, 2017

So it’s finally that time, you are thinking about purchasing your first home. You’ve been paying rent for several years now and you realize that you are just throwing money to the wind. At $1,500 per month in five years you have paid $90,000 towards someone else’s mortgage. All you can do is say, WOW! […]

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