Home Remodel

Home Remodel

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Home Remodel

Have you lived in your home for five years or more? Is the space starting to feel a bit blah? Maybe it’s time for a remodel, even a simple one! You are not alone if you’re beginning to feel this way about your home. Initially you may have fallen in love with the wood floors. The plain walls may have been a great selling point. Now that you have spent several years living in the same space your feelings may be changing. If you are bored with your once dream home, there is something that you can do. There are many inexpensive ways to turn your lackluster space into one you will love for many more years to come.

Redo the Floors

The floors are usually a major selling point. Homes either have carpet, wood, or ceramic floors and in some cases, they may have a combination of the three. In recent years there are fewer homes having carpet installed. Instead builders are opting to install wood or ceramic tiles into the homes. Whatever the floors are in your current home think about changing the floors out to add a new look and feel to the home.


The color of a room can change the atmosphere of any living space. A part of the remodel can be making a color change. Light colored walls make the home seem bigger in size. Dark rooms tend to drain the spirit. It is better to add bright colors which have a positive effect on a person’s mood. Bright colors add positive vibes and open rooms up more. There are so many colors that can be used to bring life to a home. In addition to changing the colors inside of the home, the outside paint can be changed as well. Before deciding to change the colors on the outside of the home it may be a good idea to run it by the home owners association if you have one. Home owners associations are very strict about the colors that are approved for the neighborhood. Before the changing the colors, you should be aware what will be approved. It would be horrible to change the color of the house then find out the HOA’s restrictions.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are another room inside a home that can be remodeled or easily updated. Bathroom remodels add value to the home and change the aesthetics of the home. It does not take much money to change the feel of a bathroom. Simple changes can be done such as changing the fixtures on the sink and the tub. If your budget allows a different tub can be installed and a new vanity can be added. Toilets are quite inexpensive but with all the various styles a new toilet can change the look of the bathroom. Some remodels may require more money than others but a budget can be determined based on your needs and desires. If the remodel requires more money than available there are loans available for such expenditures.

Where to find ideas

Start looking through home magazines with the style you are looking for. An internet search of a variety of images is a great way to spark a new idea to be replicated in your remodel! Pinterest has become a great platform for ideas. If you save your ideas to your mobile device, you can access the images you like while you are shopping for your remodel.

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